Tuesday, June 5, 2012

XYZ Review

Started: February 2008
Completed: June 2012
Total Page Count: 280

Story Synopsis:
Tomi, the all around girly-girl who is into fashion and pop idols, is used to floating from one boyfriend to another, and when things get difficult she asks her "older brother" to save her.  In truth, her "older brother" is reluctantly played by her twin sister Tori, an athletic tomboy.  Though she disagrees with her sister's fickle nature, she continues to play along.  Up until now, boys were just Tomi's problem.

This year, with Valentine's Day and Graduation just around the corner, Tomi wants nothing more than a new boyfriend and a happy ending.  The only thing standing in her way is Tori's sudden rebellion when the new guy gets under her skin.  Tomi thinks there's more to to Tori's feelings than she's letting on to, but does she still know her sister as well as she thinks?

Author/Artist Review:
When starting XYZ I was still very much in the mind of a boyish-girl character (in fact Tori's character was inspired by the proposed main character for Angelwing, a possible hermaphrodite-fallen-angel kinda person (but he only made it into the practice pages as a baby)), however at the same time I wanted to work with a girly-type as well.  I was already working with Kira in WACOT, who is a sort of balance between the two, but I wanted to go a step further.  This was also my chance to delve into the shoujo-romance realm, a seemingly bubbly "love always wins" and dramatic genre.

Like with most of the stories that I started writing in high school, initially this story was going to be quite long- a series of eight books.  As time went on and I grasped the characters better there was less and less reason to create "filler" for eight books worth.  Eventually it became four and then two books, eight chapters total.  As you can see, however, the finished version is six chapters long, but it includes everything that I wanted to say and needed to do with this series.  At this point, I couldn't force the story to change just to extend its livelihood.

Prior to XYZ, I had only finished one comic story, and that was the Silencer (88 pages, 2005-2009*).  It was a silent comic, so I think there was enough wiggle-room for interpretation, but the ending was relatively straight forward.  As I approached the last 20 pages of the comic my brain took a pause.  I had an idea of how people might want it to end, and a couple alternative ideas myself, but when the pencil touched the paper the true ending revealed itself.  In a way, it's sort of open-ended; though the letter might be a little cliche, sometimes that's how things are.  Consciously, I did not force feed the "end of the end"- when using life as an example, how can one define an ending? This, of course, hindered me for days until I accepted the story I had and laced in the final tones.  I can say this about most of my stories: "There really wasn't another way to do it".

For now, I can say this story is complete, but who knows if its really "finished"...

To those who took the time to read this comic, I am very grateful.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I would love to hear your opinions, no matter what they are, in the comments below.  Also, feel free to ask any questions you might have, I am more than willing to answer them! :)

And to those who haven't had the chance to read XYZ, here are some links~
It is also part of DREAM's Online Manga Magazine


  1. I'm both sad and happy that I just finished it. I really love the way the twins developed! I mean they've been dynamic and enjoyable to watch since the beginning, just increasing so as the story continues. And now its over. D:

    Tori's whole dilemma about not being recognized as girl... I'm so glad it wasn't solved with a makeover. Life is not that simple, and I hate when comics/shows/movies push that! We see that, just by growing more comfortable in her own skin and being honest with her feelings, her inner femininity naturally shines for everyone to see. The hair clip part shows this well. It was such a sweet way of describing Tori's heart: She's not a flashy type of person, not the kind who cares to stand out, but she treasures the gift because it's from a boy she loves. That's so cute and honest. xD

    Unlike her twin, Tomi has from the beginning been comfortable with who she is. Perhaps too comfortable! xD She comes across as someone who wants the perks in life and love without the baggage. And when things don't go her way, she bails with Tori's help. But her rash behavior catches up to her in a big way at the end, causing her to do some well-needed reflection and growing up, including letting go of her idol crush. Her fear of facing Shu was so relatable. I felt for her vulnerability. But apologizing and promising to properly talk things out with him in the future was her ultimate proof of growth in the story. :D She matured so much.

    Yuki was the most mysterious character from the start. You wonder, 'is he, isn't he..?' The whole time. In a way, he's basically a catalyst for both girls' journeys. His soft parting comment... I can't help wanting to know more! Is there any possibility of a continuation for him?

    1. Oh wow I am so grateful for your comment! It really means a lot to me that you took the time and that you understood the story far better than I could explain it :)
      I am open to another storyline involving/about Yuki (in fact I have thought about it before. I cant say for sure if or when it will happen at the moment. I am currently finishing up my other series, so my mind is pretty occupied at the moment.

  2. Dang I didn't even know this ended until today. It was a really nice read and I liked every character in it. Tori would be my favorite character. She stood sturdy like a guy when she needed or wanted to and got to be kinda girly and more easy going later in the story.
    Daisuke would be next because he's somewhat charming, thinks he talks to much, tries to impress Tori, and seems a good guy, even driven to work hard.
    Hard to summarize a whole comic but I'll say I can't wait to see where you take the others :)

    1. Thank you so much for reading the story and leaving me some feedback! :D
      Part of me misses working on XYZ because I really enjoyed the characters too (again, there is always a possibilty for more >_>). Still, like you said, there are other stories to look forward too and I'm very anxious to share them~